Successful 1st Annual Adopt-a-Crag Event!

Hey Everyone!

What a successful first Adopt-a-Crag for the Prescott Climbers Coalition! With the support of the Access Fund, The Hike Shack, and over 30 VERY psyched volunteers! Which we can’t thank enough for being there, we were able to do the following:

– Remove over 3 FULL bags of trash/ broken glass from the area.

– Control erosion on three critical points of the Descent Gully Trail.

– Cover tributary trails in the Descent Gully, creating a single path.

– Clear up necessary vegetation so that the trail is very useable.

– Have a blast with crazy events post-working!

Again, the Coalition can’t thank these amazing volunteers enough for the extensive amount of work they did. It was amazing to see all of these local climbers and user-groups come together to create an exceptional result!

The Next meeting for the Prescott Climbers Coalition will be Tuesday, December 1st, 6:15pm at The Hike Shack! We will be having nominations for the new officers of the Coalition, to be voted on at a subsequent meeting by the members.

Thank you all!



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