As the saying goes – “The more you know, the less you need!” and at the Prescott Climbers Coalition we have a great variety of resources to help our members become well-educated climbers. We also want to aid visiting climbers to get the best out of their experience here by providing the local guidebooks for climbing at the popular destinations we have.

The loan period is 7 days for each text, with a maximum of two consecutive renewals if there has not been another request for the publication. A maximum of two texts can be rented out at one time. If you would like to loan out a book, or two, please simply fill out a form online to reserve it, simply click on the title. You may also stop in at the Library in person to pick it up. The Prescott Climbers Coalition Library is conveniently located within The Hike Shack at 104 N. Montezuma Street in Prescott, Arizona and has the following editions for members to loan out for free:

Advanced Rock Climbing, Long & Luebben

Advanced Rock Climbing

Accidents in North American Mountaineering (2005), American Alpine Club


Better Bouldering, John Sherman

Better Bouldering

Climb On! Skills for More Efficient Climbing, Florine & Wright

Climb On! Skills for More Efficient Climbing

Coaching Climbing, Michelle Hurni

Coaching Climbing

How to Climb 5.12 (Second Ed.), Eric J. Hörst

How to Climb 5.12

How To Rock Climb! (Third Ed.), John Long

How to Rock Climb!

More Climbing Anchors, Long & Gaines

More Climbing Anchors

Prescott Bouldering (Third Edition), Bill Cramer

Prescott Bouldering Ed.3

Rock Climbing: Arizona, Stewart M. Green

Rock ClimbingArizona

Sport Climbing, John Long

Sport Climbing